So Umm Hi C:,Your Probably Reading This And I Don’t Mind,So Where Do I Start Ah I’m Horrible At Telling People My Feelings,I Know Your Probably Tired Of Hearing Me Saying This But Fuck It!,I Just Have Do It If I Don’t It Bugs Me Until I Let It Out And Right Now It’s Bugging The Issh Out Of Me! So I Think Your Trying To Ignore Me Even Though When You Yourself Said That You Weren’t I Want To Call You SO BAD! But To Bad My Phone Doesn’t Work It’s A Sign Lol Jk I’m Finally Getting My Phone Tomorrow So Be Expecting  A Call From Me Feo ^.^,Lalala Soo Umm Yea I Feel Like Everything Is My Fault But Really It Isn’t It Not Your’s Either,My Mood Goes Down When People Ask Me “Wheres Your Boyfriend?”,”Why Aren’t Yall Together?” Do You Seriously Wanna Know,Well Guess What I’m Not Telling You Not You Who’s Reading This Or Tumblr Lol,People In Real Life That I Know..Okay So I’m Off Task WAY OFF,I’m Drawing A Koala Bear C: There Cute Just Like You(;,So I Can’t Get Back On Task /:,All That I Have To Say Is That I Miss You & That I Love You.